Red Sea ReefMat 500
Red Sea ReefMat 500
Red Sea ReefMat 500
Red Sea ReefMat 500

Red Sea ReefMat 500

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The ReefMat is a plug & play, fully automated, smart fleece roller filter that keeps your aquarium water crystal clear for weeks at a time.

Designed with the hobbyist in mind, the ReefMat features an easy fleece-mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls without having to remove the filter from the sump or turn off the pumps.

ReefMat includes a fail-proof solid-state level sensor and an unprecedented smart drive unit that controls and monitors the exact length of fleece-mat that is used. ReefMat is Wi-Fi connected to Red Sea’s ReefBeat smart aquarium eco-system and will notify you if the fleece-mat gets torn or runs out, gives you a head’s up before it needs replacing, and even provide you with a daily usage log.


ReefMat 500

130 gal

Recommended for systems up to

1580 gal

Max. flow capacity per hour


Fleece-mat width


Fleece-mat length

8.3” x 10.6” x 16.7”