Acclimation Guide

  1.  Immediately open box and float coral bags in your aquarium for 15-30 mins. (If in the rare event that any coral is dead upon arrival, please see our DOA policy HERE.)
  2.  After corals have acclimatized to the water temperature, open bags and pour water and coral(s) into a small container. Over the course of 15-20 mins, add your aquarium water to the container until you have doubled the amount of water.
  3. Because your new corals may be stressed from shipping, we do not recommend dipping immediately. Instead, you can take a baster or small pump and gently blow off your corals. (If you insist on dipping, use a light concentration and dip only a short amount of time. It is best to wait about 12-24 hours before dipping.)
  4.  After acclimating, you can now add your new coral(s) into your aquarium! For advice and warnings on handling corals click HERE. For additional questions about acclimation, placement, dipping, or your new coral, please call or message us.