ORA Aquacultured Fish & Corals

What does "aquacultured" mean?

Aquacultured animals are not just tank-raised but bred, grown, and/or fragged from captivity, making them the only alternative to wild caught fish and invertebrates for aquariums.


What does "ORA" mean?

ORA® stands for Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums. 


What is ORA’s mission?

ORA is the largest marine ornamental hatchery in North America and are constantly developing new techniques to bring the finest captive bred specimens to environmentally conscientious aquarists throughout the world with the ultimate mission of creating a 100% aquacultured aquarium.


What are the benefits to ORA aquacultured fish & inverts?

ORA aquacultured fish and inverts give hobbyists a higher success rate as they are generally more adaptable to a wide range of aquarium conditions. They readily eat a wider variety of foods and are less stressed compared to wild-caught fish which often endure poor collection practices and lengthy transit times.

Did we mention that the environmental impacts? There is no damage to the environment during collection, no impact on wild populations, less plastic waste, and a smaller carbon-footprint, making aquacultured animals a more eco-friendly option.

Aquaculture facilities like ORA provide a variety of unique animals and color variations exclusive to their production. In fact, ORA produces its coral frags from larger coral fragments that are several generations removed from wild colonies and fish that are up to 10 generations removed from their last wild caught ancestor! This production offers a lesser chance of introducing diseases associated with wild-caught fish into an aquarium, making them a fin-tastic alternative! With an extensive list of aquacultured animals being raised by ORA, there are a number of options for any level of aquarist.

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