Plant FAQs

How do I choose the right plants for my aquarium?

We conveniently rate each of our plants as: easy, medium, or difficult. And we include information pertaining to light and CO2 requirements to help you choose accordingly. 


Will my plants have snails or pests?

While we rarely have issues with nuisance pond snails in our grow tanks, they are a risk every plant hobbyist deals with. We do inspect plants before shipping to minimize any transfer of pests. We also offer a mild (plant and fish safe) chemical plant dip for use prior to adding plants to your aquarium. We also offer tissue cultured plants guaranteed free of pests.


How do I prep my new plants?

Always rinse plants or quarantine to avoid pests. 

For potted plants: Remove the wool and plants from the plastic pot. If roots are overgrown and coming through the pot, you may need to carefully cut the pot off with scissors. Break open the wool and remove the wool surrounding the plant stems and roots. There may be small pieces of wool, just remove as much as possible. We recommend planting individual stems or roots with tweezers.

For stem plants: If the stem plants have a padding, carefully remove the lead weight and unravel the padding. We recommend planting individual stems or roots with tweezers to avoid damaging delicate stems; however, you may carefully re-apply the lead weight before planting for thicker bunches.

For moss or attaching plants to hardscape: You may use fishing line or thread, or cyanoacrylate plant glue. If you have any questions, call or shoot us a message!