Age of Aquariums livestock quarantine procedure

Quarantine process:

  1. Purchasing: Starts with purchasing livestock from only a few reputable, local sources. We have high standards and pick our livestock in person when possible. (Covid restrictions have temporarily suspended in person selections.)
  2. Floating: After receiving the boxes of livestock, we float the bags for 30 mins to acclimate to the water temperature. 
  3. Invert Drip: Most inverts will get a 30 min drip acclimation to our large reef system. Depending on the individuals, the drip may be longer. Corals get dipped and quarantined before coming out to the frag and display tanks.
  4. Fish Drip: Most fish go into one of our 3 quarantine systems. The fish get a 30 min acclimation drip followed by a praziquantel drip. The quarantine systems are medicated with copper at usually 0.30ppm but changes depending on the species. Some fish are too sensitive (like some wrasses) and may go directly into our reef system with extra monitoring. 
  5. Medication: We have multiple 20gallon hospital systems set up for individual treatment in case there is a fish needing treatment. Medication is always dosed as needed and per basis. 
  6. Graduation: The fish are assessed daily and remain in quarantine for at least 1 week. If they pass inspection, they get a drip acclimation into the sale systems with available livestock!