Ista Aluminum CO2 Premium Pack
Ista Aluminum CO2 Premium Pack

Ista Aluminum CO2 Premium Pack

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The Ista CO2 Controller stainless steel electromagnetic regulator and solenoid valve allows simple and convenient aquarium CO2 injection. The CO2 Controller boasts ease of installation and dispensation of carbon dioxide. Simple, no-tool installation onto standard CO2 cylinders offers the DIY aquarist freedom to create a custom system. Great for use with freshwater-planted aquariums, calcium reactors for saltwater reef aquariums or other CO2 injection systems.

  • Pressure gauge with stainless steel cover to endure corrosion
  • Easy assembly, no tool required in fastening to the CO2 cylinder
  • Safety valve prevents danger from over pressurizing
  • Easy and accurate CO2 flow adjustment

Kit includes: 

  • Twin Gauge co2 Controller (With bubble counter and check valve)
  • UFO CO2 diffuser
  • Co2 indicator
  • Solution of CO2 indicator
  • CO2 tubing holder
  • CO2 safe tubing